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    Saw Jupiter Boys at DBA last night with Radical Dads and Quiet Down. I Smiled thru their whole goofball garage rock set.

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    at The Bell House

    at The Bell House

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    Edward Hopper’s Soir Bleu (1914)

    Edward Hopper’s Soir Bleu (1914)

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    Faberge #egg63 by Jason Polan for #WarbyParker (at Rockefeller Center)

    Faberge #egg63 by Jason Polan for #WarbyParker (at Rockefeller Center)

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    "I can’t deny it took me many ignorant and inane years to realize how good they are. I first heard their ­rec­ords when I was 17 or 18 and the band was actually playing in dark places in my neighborhood, but I never went to see them. They sounded to me like an incompetent Bob Dylan imitation. (This is the only thing that makes me think it might be worthwhile to live forever—the way one’s perceptions change across time. Then again, that can be exhausting, its own kind of monotony.)"

    The Encyclopedia of New York Pop Music — Vulture

    Richard Hell’s assessment of The Velvet Underground as “the most dependable, inexhaustible music of all” in the latest issue of New York Magazine not only sums up my similar slow-to-come-around attitude towards The Velvet Underground, but he also makes a solid argument for the pros and cons of everlasting life.

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    "And it may be that in this continuity, this utter indifference to the life and death of each of us lies hidden the pledge of our eternal salvation, of the continuous movement of life on earth, of the continuous movement toward perfection."
    Anton Chekhov, “The Lady with the Dog”
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    Suicide Klinik (at The Gutter)

    Suicide Klinik (at The Gutter)

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    "It’s about putting the customer first by understanding their needs. What does that mean? Now more than ever, every customer touch point is digital. Every interaction with a brand can get broadcasted across various social channels through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Information can be spread like wildfire and reputation is key. Digital is a tool like anything else – so understanding a person’s overarching needs as it relates to that category is key without segmenting out their digital behaviors."

    Oscar Health Insurance | CURIOSITY MATTERS | How to Build a Brand in the Digital Age

    There’s nothing quite like dealing with government bureaucracy to make you appreciate the effect of quality customer service. Last year, not only was I sifting through the usual red tape and paperwork that comes along with running a small business, but a stint of unemployment had me also navigating the New York State Department of Labor’s clunky website and hard-to-reach humans. When the Affordable Care Act was set to go into effect January 1st, I was eager to ditch my expensive COBRA health insurance and sign up for something on the exchange. I’d seen Oscar Health’s subway ads featuring cartoon bears and people licking cacti, which was unique healthcare marketing that spoke to my health fears (unexpected bear attack, eating-related-illness). Shortly thereafter, I met some of Oscar’s team at Uncubed, and was intrigued to learn that their staff included tech experts from Tumblr and Spotify. Clearly not your average insurance company.

    Long story short, I was able to sign up for Oscar in no time flat. A friendly sales rep dealt with the quagmire of the NY Health Care Exchange website for me. The experience was so positive I was soon emailing him messages like, “U!S!A! U!S!A!” expressing my enthusiasm for the Affordable Care Act and my new relationship with Oscar.

    I wanted to share the above article about Oscar’s brand building, because I am so truly impressed with Oscar — starting with their clever advertising, to their easy-to-navigate website and plan details, and especially their genuinely human approach to customer service. I even received a hand-written note in the mail welcoming me to the Oscar family. A hand-written note.

    Luckily I haven’t actually had to use my Oscar health insurance, and as of today I’m officially switched to the health insurance offered by my new employer. My love affair with Oscar may have been brief, but I will continue to sing their praises for making the chore of signing up for insurance feel more like signing up for a very cool club.

    (via my other blog, tangerinesocial)

    (via tangerinesocial)

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